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Meet Our Staff

The Springfield Boys & Girls Club is staffed by trained professionals. Each member of the staff understands the service the Club provides to the families and children of Springfield through education, athletics, social guidance, mentoring, and life skills.

Vinny Borello

A Message from the
Executive Director

I can never repay the Boys & Girls Club movement for the programs that I received as a child. The Club was my home away from home, where I received the guidance to become a responsible and caring person. I only hope that I can make a difference in young lives as the staff did for me. There is nothing more important than giving all youth a chance to be a productive citizen.

Vincent Borello

Executive Director
Springfield Boys & Girls Club

Please note that a below a staff member’s name means they are a former member of the Boys & Girls Club.

Charles Hollins

Assistant Executive Director

(413) 732-7201 ext.102

“I started coming here when I was six years old. If I wasn’t home I was here. It had an impact on me. Came back after college and been here ever since.”

“The Club is a place for kids to be. To be with friends. To be free. For me, if I hadn’t been a club kid, I don’t know where I would be now.”

Ana Bissonnette


Child Care Director

(413) 732-7201 ext.114

“I have been here for 10 years. I stay because it is a good combination of what I am passionate about and what I am good at doing. The staff here, we are like family.”

“Our kids are creative, bright, smart, athletic, positive, and HAPPY!”

“Children here feel supported and understood by the staff. They feel safe, grow in confidence, and are part of an extended family.”

Karen Natsios


Director of Development

(413) 732-7201 ext.

“Never before have I seen a gift make such a difference. Every gift is tangible, as it has direct affect on the quality of a kid’s experience.”

Arnold Lemboet

Facility Manager

(413) 732-7201 ext. 106

“Kids first. Everything we do is for the kids. I love it!”

Natalie Hanechak

Assistant Athletic Director

(413) 732-7201 ext.

“In the summer it’s a pool party every day. Floaters, noodles, games, lessons. All year the pool is a great opportunity to learn valuable and useful skills and have fun.”

Sarah Gumaer


Marketing Director

(413) 732-7201 ext.

“Every day we work to make a difference for the youth of Springfield!”

7.7 million kids and teens are alone and unsupervised after school while nearly 25 million don’t have access to after-school programs.

Your gift today can help change a child’s future.

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