Tree Sponsorship

Why Sponsor A Tree?

Be part of one of the area’s most exciting holiday happenings! The Festival of Trees is a family event featuring a unique display of beautifully decorated trees and fun for all ages. Join us by sponsoring a tree which can be decorated reflecting your interests, you business, or a holiday theme. Take advantage of this opportunity to enhance your company’s visibility and image with 20,000 plus visitors to the event. The only cost to you is thee tree, lights, and the decorations. Our sponsors include individuals, families, civic and social organizations, hospitals, schools, and businesses. All tree sponsors will be recognized in the program, online, and throughout social media.

Every tree sponsor is invited to our Sneak Peek Party before we open to the public! 

Tree Sponsorship Guidelines

Registration Deadline: Friday, October 27, 2023

Please Read All Tree Guidelines Before Registering.

Every Tree Sponsor receives unlimited tickets to the Sneak Peek, an exclusive preview party for Sponsors only, PLUS a season pass to the Festival of Trees!

  • Artificial Trees Only!
  • Tree sponsors will be asked to assemble their trees in a designated spot.
  • Each tree must have a tree skirt, topper and lights.
  • Do not glue anything onto the tree.
  • Do not attach anything perishable or edible on the tree.
  • Do not hang or connect objects to the walls or ceilings.
  • Be mindful of heavy objects that are to be adorned to your tree.
  • Display a list of wrapped items that will be included with your tree.
  • Gift Certificates: Place “ghost” certificates on the tree to insure against loss. Give any cards/ certificates with monetary value to the Boys & Girls Club staff on the day of set-up, so that they may be secured.
  • All tree boxes and ornament boxes should be marked with your name and brought to set-up.
  • Bring supplies needed to set-up your tree: scissors, tape, wire, etc.
  • Please bring your own step-stool.
  • All items on and around the tree will be given to the winner of your tree.
  • Do not include any items you would like returned.
  • Please refrain from using artificial snow, tinsel or confetti.
  • We encourage creativity but please be mindful that the winner must disassemble it, so nothing complicated or requiring tools.
  • While “vintage” themes are fun and welcome, be mindful that the winner is expecting new or nearly new tree, decorations and gifts. We will refuse any items that appear used, worn or old.
  • We are amazed by the generosity of our donors. Please consider wiring to secure your gifts so they do not “grow legs” and end up under another tree- trust us it happens! We reserve the right to secure gifts or section off your tree if we deem it necessary.
  • We reserve the right to relocate the tree at any point to enhance the display of all our trees.


Wednesday November 15 12:00pm-6:30pm
Thursday November 16 12:00pm-6:30pm
Friday November 17 12:00pm-6:30pm

Each day, the doors close promptly at 7:00pm


MassMutualCenter 1277 Main St. Springfield MA 01103

Tree Sponsor Registration


number of volunteer hours donated

visitors each year at the Festival of Trees

of money raised goes to education, services, and opportunities for kids 6 to 18 at the SBGC

For more information:

Karen Natsios

Sarah Gumaer

(413) 732-7201

number of volunteer hours donated

visitors each year at the Festival of Trees


of money raised goes to education, services, and opportunities for kids 6 to 18 at the SBGC

To become a sponsor, or sponsor a tree, contact:

Karen Natsios
(413) 732-7201