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Meet Our Staff

Vinny F. Borello

Executive Director

The Boys and Girls Club has been part of Vinny’s entire life and Vinny a part of the history of the Clubs. As a 6 year old boy in Utica, New York, Vinny started summer camp at the Boys Club in the Adirondack mountains. By the age of 11 he was named Boy of the Year and offered his first job at the Club. In 1988 he was named Club Director, the youngest Director in the history of the Clubs. After serving at many Clubs in the country, including Springfield, Vinny returned to SBGC in 2016 to serve as Executive Director. When not at the Club, he spends his time with his family, including returning to the Adirondacks for camping. 

7.7 million kids and teens are alone and unsupervised after school while nearly 25 million don’t have access to after-school programs.

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