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National Nacho Day

On this day we celebrate one of the most popular snacks NACHOS! There is no one specific way to make them, as long as you have two main ingredients chip and cheese.

In 1954 the St. Anne’s cookbook published Ignacio Anya’s original recipe for nachos. Then in 1959, Carmen Rocha a waitress in LA brings the favorite dish to the Southern Californian restaurant she worked at El Cholo.

The perfect chip-to-cheese ratio is often the one flaw found in nachos, having so many chips that you end up with chips that have no cheese on the bottom of the piles. To avoid this situation place chips on a baking sheet and space them apart, then cover each chip, then make another layer. This way even your bottom chips are covered in melty cheese!

The event is finished.


Nov 06 2023


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